Watch Boxes.

Handmade Jewellery Boxes

What better way to store your precious belongings than in a carefully handcrafted jewellery box? The beautiful and unusual designs available have all been handcrafted and specifically tailored to keep your valuables safe and secure. Each handmade jewellery box is a piece of art in its own right, making it the perfect option for storing items of value.

Keeping jewellery out on display, though visually appealing, can quickly see it age and deteriorate, gathering dust or even going rusty. To ensure your belongings are protected, tuck them safely away in a handcrafted box – one with a sophisticated style to suit the contents.

Handmade Watch Boxes

As with jewellery, your watches are valuable items that deserve to be kept safely and securely. With a handcrafted watch box, you can help keep the pieces you love in pristine condition, away from dust or possible damage. What’s more, with the elegant, unusual design of these handmade watch boxes, you’ll be introducing a decorative element into your space. There’s no need to hide it away or stash it in a drawer, display it with pride as you would a piece of art.

Handmade Cigar Boxes

There’s a reason cigars are kept stored, and that is to keep them in the best condition possible. In order to maintain their strength of flavour, they need to be carefully stored. These beautifully designed handmade cigar boxes not only help to keep your cigars in good condition, they are visually stunning, too. Each one is handmade and the striking aesthetic works perfectly in creating a piece to display as well as serve a purpose.

All the handcrafted boxes we have for sale are made from solid bronze and aluminium in order to ensure a premium look with a high-quality and long-lasting finish. The materials used evoke sophistication and luxury so as to perfectly match the valuable belongings that they are designed to keep safe.