Artistic handmade tables, designed with passion and style.

The handcrafted wooden tables that Malcolm creates are full of character, meaning they are perfectly matched to the cabinets and storage he makes. With these designs, you won’t just get a table – a place to sit at or a surface to throw things on – you’ll get an artistic, decorative piece of furniture. Showcasing almost creature-like qualities, all the tables on offer are collectable articles that perform a function whilst staying true to their artistic qualities.

Focusing at first on the table tops, these are made from hardwoods to ensure exceptional durability, as well as delivering a premium look and beautiful finish. Typically, as it is renowned for its hard-wearing nature, Malcolm uses oak for the handcrafted wooden tables. However, for commissions, any choice of wood – or even concrete – can be used to craft a piece specifically for you.

Looking closer at the table legs, these are made from either solid cast bronze, copper or alloy and they are all finished with Malcolm’s signature volcanic effect. This finishing touch is done completely by hand in order to create both a unique design and lasting impression. A considerable amount of care, thought and attention goes into the design and finish of each table that Malcolm creates. For example, they have been designed so that from whatever angle you look at them, you’ll always be able to see the striking, signature volcanic effect.

Whether it’s a handcrafted coffee table you’re after or a larger, dining table for friends and family, you are sure to find something both unique and beautiful at Malcolm Lewis Designs. For bespoke wooden coffee tables, or other more specific requests, please refer to the Commissions page for further information. Alternatively, you can simply get in touch with him.


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