Mirrors have an incredible way of opening up and brightening a room by creating the illusion of more space and light. But that’s just part of their beauty; a well-placed mirror can be seamlessly integrated into almost any room of the house, enhancing the space and creating a feature on the wall. Whether it’s contemporary and classic or striking and unique, handmade wooden mirrors can be used as a way of establishing or complementing your interior decor. They don’t just serve a simple function, they can transform an entire room and add that final, all-important touch.

The handmade wooden mirrors on offer here are instantly recognisable as Malcolm’s. Unlike the usual mirror styles seen in the design world, these reflect the forward-thinking and experimental nature of Malcolm’s work, not to mention his characteristic quirkiness and artistic vision.

With impeccable craftsmanship, these handcrafted mirrors are made from solid hardwoods which showcase the beauty of the natural, organic material. As an alternative, they can be coated with a liquid metal, such as iron, bronze, copper, brass or alloy to create a completely different look.

These modern mirrors can be finished in a countless number of ways, depending on the exact wishes of the client. For example, you can have the mirror coated in a liquid rubber mixture which results in a look that resembles dried lava. This and all the other creations are not only striking, they are one-of-a-kind.

The Swiss jigsaw mirrors all have hardwoods frames to match the individually cut sections and they can be made from any wood available, such as bog oak for a distinct, high-end aesthetic.

Fire surrounds can also be made in the same styles as any of the mirror frames either as a matching piece or stand-alone feature. For more information, or to request commissioned art or furniture from Malcolm, please click here.


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