A lamp doesn’t have to be simple in order to be functional. In fact, with a bold, beautiful design, a handcrafted floor or table lamp can be transformed into something completely different: a statement piece of art. Whether you’re looking for something that will blend into the surroundings or stand out from your current interior design, the potential of these creations is both exciting and limitless.

At Malcolm Lewis Designs, the handmade floor lamps we offer are like no other. Crafted with a range of materials, they are designed to be eye-catching, so that they will make a statement no matter where they are placed. In terms of the materials, Malcolm works with a variety of oak, walnut, steel and aluminium for the floor lamps and then uses either bronze, brass, stainless steel, copper or anodised aluminium for the finishing details.

Similarly, we have a range of table lamps on offer, too, all of which are made by hand with a variety of high quality, durable materials. Oak often features in Malcolm’s pieces due to its natural longevity but you will also find a mixture of walnut, solid cast aluminium and bronze. Not only will these materials stand the test of time, they have been selected for their undeniable visual appeal.

Due to the high level of care and attention to detail, these handmade wooden lamps can take many weeks to produce, a real testament to his love for this style of work. As each one is made by hand, no two will ever be exactly the same. The beauty of this is that you will have a piece of art that is completely unique.

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