Ceiling Roses/Art

These decorative ceiling roses make for the perfect focal point in any room and can completely transform an otherwise ignored ceiling. In and of themselves, Malcolm’s ceiling roses are beautiful, but the shadow that they create on the space above adds a whole new dimension. Due to the gap between the rose and the ceiling, you are left with a stunning reflection, which works wonderfully as a focal point.

At Malcolm Lewis Designs, we have two creations on offer that we believe will add a touch of elegance and style to a blank canvas. Both designs are created to an incredibly high standard and showcase a unique and modern look.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional ceiling roses (from the Victorian era), the Orbital and Spiro designs that we have available feature a creative, contemporary twist. Both of these decorative ceiling roses will make a bold statement in your home. But what’s more, they can be easily fitted in virtually any room and enhance the look of many different light fittings. Distinctive though they may be, the contemporary element to these ceiling roses means that both the Orbital and the Spiro designs will still blend in well with your current interiors and decor.

As standard, the ceiling roses on offer come in three different colour choices, which can be either sprayed or painted on. In addition, we are also able to offer the option of a smooth or slightly textured finish. The former provides an elegant, classic look while the latter gives the appearance of cast concrete.

Please note, the standard size for these decorative ceiling roses is 1200mm, however, smaller, custom sizes are available upon request. For more information, please get in touch with Malcolm using the details on the contact page. Alternatively, to find out more about his commissions, please click here.


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