Cabinets, Storage.

For most, while storage is a necessity, it can often be an afterthought – a plain grey cabinet tucked away in the corner or a simple but bland cupboard to store your things in. This kind of furniture doesn’t have personality, it’s simply there to serve a purpose and go unnoticed. But with handmade wooden cabinets, crafted with passion, you get storage that not only functions but features as art in your home.

Much like his other work, Malcolm strives to create functional but beautiful pieces of furniture. The cabinets and storage he makes are true collectable design pieces; they are all either one-off creations or limited editions. As such, they can be individually tailored to meet whatever a client wants or needs. For example, if you want the design to feature built-in storage for jewellery or watches, this can be carefully thought out and incorporated into the planning and execution.

In order to craft products of the highest quality, Malcolm selects materials that will stand the test of time and give that luxurious, premium feel. The main body of the cabinets is made, predominantly, using either oak or walnut, which ensures a stylish, sophisticated finish and the durability to last for generations. For the cabinet legs, you will find either solid cast bronze, copper, aluminium or wood. Malcolm chooses these materials due to the stylish aesthetic and again their superb durability.

The handmade wooden cabinets that Malcolm makes are among the most exclusive decorative art pieces around. Though they are popular in London, the nature of these inspired, artistic pieces makes them highly desirable for discerning collectors around the world. Please note, shipping outside of the UK can be arranged upon request.

If you have specific requirements, or you’re after a made-to-measure cabinet, please head to the Commissions page to find out more.


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