Art, Sculptures.

Art should spark conversation, divide opinion and create intrigue. The original sculpture art, handcrafted by Malcolm, will do precisely that. Add some character and interest to the unused space in your house with an unusual yet captivating piece and see how it transforms your interior decor and overall feel of your home. With an array of unique sculpture art for sale, Malcolm is constantly striving to innovate and experiment in order to bring customers something that keeps pushing the boundaries.

Sculpture is one of longest standing forms of art, but at Malcolm Lewis Designs, you will find a fresh, contemporary and inspiring take on the classic. Truly inspiring, avant-garde style can be hard to come by, but with his handcrafted sculpture art, Malcolm is keeping the art alive and moving it forward in his own unique way.

Thought-provoking, evocative and intriguing, Malcolm’s creature-like sculpture art has been described as a little on the dark side. With that in mind, this kind of artwork is the perfect choice for those after something slightly different and with an air of mystery about them. All the dark art sculptures on offer are stand-out pieces, no two of which are the same.

Popular in London’s thriving art scene, these handcrafted pieces of art are designed to take centre stage, showcasing unique quality and an avant-garde style. All the sculptures that Malcolm creates are completely original, one-off designs, meaning they are perfectly suited to the discerning art collector.

Please note, shipping is available worldwide upon request. You can get in touch with Malcolm for more information regarding delivery. If you are struck by the quirky and compelling style of his artwork, you may be interested to read about Malcolm’s commissions. To find out more, please use the following link.


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